Floating Women Video

"Each of us has a story....We Soar, We Dream, We Reach the Stars...:

"The Floating Women Series" began as a series of dreams.  As a practicing Buddhist, my inner life often inspires my paintings.  In this series, the women are seen floating in air.  The rules of gravity no longer apply, and they  are in a half-dream state.  The borders that surround these women represent the limitations that we create for ourselves.  In most of the paintings, the women will pierce the borders with a hand or a foot.  They are ready to explore, becoming everything they were meant to be. 

I  start my work with my sketch book, developing the drawings until they feel "right".  I then transfer those drawings onto a canvas.  The borders are created with various gel mediums and stencils.  I then begin the painting process, using rich metallic paints and either soft or bold hues depending on the mood I am trying to achieve.  Each painting takes several days to complete.

My clients often buy these paintings in sets, and will display the works in odd numbers.  However, one painting, well -placed , is also stunning.  I offer these paintings in 2 sizes.  14x14" and 10x10".  They can be made larger.  I leave the framing up to you because that is such a personal decision.  The paintings come ready to be framed, or, can be hung without frames.